I believe that skills should be shared. I provide lighting console training for ETC at home and abroad, for the clients and customers of companies such as Stage Electrics, Hawthorn Theatrical, White Light, Blacklight, and Northern Light, and create bespoke training plans on-site for venues in the UK, Europe, and beyond, for brand-new beginners and high-end advanced users alike.

My experience in training and teaching extends far past lighting consoles, through the basics of lighting, video, networking, app-building, and production design for children, adults, individuals and institutions, into specific software training and masterclasses for all Adobe products, Vectorworks, QLab, and other creative design tools as a university lecturer.

I have been working with ETC since 2008 as a trainer, demonstrator, and programmer, and have been programming in the West End and beyond since. My credits include three years with the English National Opera as an Eos programmer, Romeo and Juliet with the English National Ballet at the Royal Albert Hall, television broadcast with BT Sport, console networking for broadcast of the British Fashion Awards, Eos programming for the Netherlands Opera, and many more. I am proficient and fluent in all ETC family consoles, including Eos, Congo, and Smartfade families, and own my own touring control systems. I also program with QLab, Zero 88, and many other touring or small-scale platforms.



Every space and every budget deserves the right equipment. As a trainer and lecturer as well as a programmer and designer myself, I have seen hundreds of installations in schools and venues all over the world, and am uniquely placed to provide unbiased advice and recommendations to facilities looking to make new purchases.

Because I am currently working all across the industry - in village halls, universities, international opera houses, regional producing theatres, primary schools, receiving houses - I know what myself and other industry professionals want to see in a venue’s equipment and capability, and what the needs are of the people actively working in that environment every day. I listen to the needs of teachers in a school theatre, and create a plan for an affordable installation which quickly and easily swaps between this morning’s assembly presentation and tonight’s musical rehearsal, no programming required. I listen to the questions and requirements of a multi-venue event complex, and create a networking system which sends backup show files remotely to every console in the building, and turns on the cleaning lights for two hours only every day at midnight.

Whatever your requirements, I will leave your installation with plans, cheat sheets, instructions, inventories, and other paperwork to help with its smooth running, and with the promise of ongoing support.